Wall of Stone

Beaten by silence,

But behind that wall lives rage.

Which one wounds me most?


Missing you is strange. 

Like I suddenly recall,

A day has seconds. 

Thoughts From Last Night- Momentum 

Sharpening brushes, 

Makes this night’s wait feel so young. 

Tomorrow life changes. 

Haiku of the Fruitless Wait

Twenty years you’ve stood,

Just waiting on that corner.  

Wishing they would come.

Still in the Attic of my Mind…

I kiss his cold lips 

And feed him my salty tears. 

Dead Boy does love me. 

In the Attic of my Mind

Say boy, are you dead? 

Lips of blue and fingers cold. 

I will lie with you. 

Haiku for the Haunted


What do you wait for?
Whispers to obsess over?
I was never yours.

Questions at Midnight

Questions at Midnight

Quote for a sleepless Midnight:

“Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.”-R.H.S

Question for a sleepless Midnight:

What are we waiting for?  And while we are doing all of this waiting….What is waiting for us?