Missing you is strange. 

Like I suddenly recall,

A day has seconds. 


Delays and Departures 

For years we’ve been this. 

I would have changed sooner, 

If only I could. 

Pass The Sweet Dreams 

Afraid of shadows. 

This fear which has beaten time. 

We sleep with lights on. 

Heart on the Menu

Marinate slowly,

Then cook for many hours.

The best things take time.


The Thirteenth Hour 

Lost inside a mind 

Full of labyrinths and mazes.  

How I miss you so. 

Haiku on Time

What will make you live?
When you hold hands with the dead?
“Cause you can’t fence time.”

A-Musing Haiku

Freedom for a night.
I was seventeen again
And I was timeless.

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