Wash Over me

On this night of rain, 

The smell of my solace, 

Washes me away. 

In reaction to the CT school shooting:

In reaction to the CT school shooting:

My Friends,
I see so many of us posting about the gun problem. I do not own a gun, I do not shoot guns. I am, honestly, nervous around them, but I am not sure that is our problem. Perhaps our problem lies in the instability and the “broken way” of the American home. We live in a society that holds an unrealistic expectation of how to live. There is an unhealthy norm placed upon marriage, family, career and education, sex and love, and even God. Perhaps if we began teaching ALL of our children to understand the meaning of true compassion for ourselves and others and that we ALL carry the human condition called “emotions,” we will learn to live among one another, because we will learn to live at peace within ourselves. Today is not the day to speak about gun laws. Today is the day to find the light within you and send it to the people who’s hearts have been broken and children have been lost in this dark moment. We cannot afford to fight, today. We can only afford to send love.