My Box

Just like Pandora,

Opening my box won’t kill you.

Years should’ve proved that.

Naked Without Sanctuary 

You were my safety 

Everyone else is dangerous  

I accept this fact 

Mason Jars and Memories

Afternoon napping, 

The smell of honey and earth

Intertwined and tea. 

Sex, Food and Haiku

Recalling the past.
All chaos and grub-crawling.
The best sex ever.

Cravings, Crushes and Coriander

If I had a wish
Lights and spices wouldn’t do
Run away with me.

Curated and Contaminated

Like a museum
Defiled and degraded.
Now I’m on display.

Haiku in the Garden of Deviant Knowledge

Is this your knowledge?
“Garden of earthly delights”
You’ve grown no delights.

Haiku la Petite

I always wanted to be
To be this tiny little thing
With gas masks and wine

Forbidden Haiku

You, my sinful one!
Who loved me as a Woman…
I never thanked you.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought

I crave layer cake
a mind like a diamond
Rich like Couverture chocolate
A someone worth wasting my time

I crave Tournedos Rossini
a body like woven steel
Dripping in the fat of ecstasy
A someone who will stop my heart beating

I crave potato soup
a heart like a goose down comforter
Delicate with compassion and honesty
A someone whose loyalty I trust

I crave Tanyang Gongfu
A soul like an ocean wave
Old like the earth, but youthful as the wind
A someone who’s had words with God…

I crave layer cake.