Second Star on the Right…

Go back to Neverland?

Do you think I don’t want to?

I’m just not allowed. 

Fiction and the Face

Most shamefully walks

The one who in darkness lies….

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies…

Turning, Turning…

It smells of the past.  

As we turn inward, recall,

The book is open. 

Cautious Composition 

The time for prudence.  

The shells on the floor are sharp. 

And my heart is raw. 

Haiku of Fear and Blood


The things they teach you:
Don’t cross the low-water bridge.
Live the illusion.

Independence Day

You know why you’ve lost?

Cause I didn’t cry once today. 

I call that a win.

To: The Man Who Marvels 

You should have magic. 

A world made of pure wonder. 

The world of your dreams. 



Fool! I can see you.
Still creeping in your shadows.
I am made of light.

Haiku of the Hampered Hymn

I can’t be quiet,

My soul sings like a song bird

Please do not cage me.

Out of a Muddy Death


Ophelia swims!
Just when you thought you’d drowned me,
I came up for air.

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