I’d rather be wrong

And have you say I’m nothing.

You ARE lovable.

Books, Baths and Outdated Updates

Life does get busy.

Full of soaking and snuggling. 

Things that make life good. 

Vagrant Mercy

Heart shaped caravan.

Guided solely by its beat. 

Finding its way home.

Fractured Figure

Fitting in this skin 

At the expense of others.  

Careful, taut seams break. 

Ode to the Eerie

Ode to the eerie: 

When there is not enough light,

Dark becomes love. 

Haiku for the Discarded 

Here little orphan, 

Here is all the love I have.

Even that for me.  



Surrounded by firsts:
Like first opening your eyes…
Admitting I’m wrong.

Gone Fishing 

In this year to come,

The year of my silence,

I will be filled with wordless songs

And unspoken sonnets. 

In the year of my silence, 
Things broken will burn 

And out of death and ash will things be born 

In the year of my silence,
Devotion will cease to be offered to unavailable lips 

And only love will learn to spill from these neglected veins. 

In the year of my silence.


Hidden Things

Do I have to tell?

The pit that you left in me?

I want to be loved. 

Cascades and Cures

When will this dam break,

And the past wash upon me?

This storm brings new life. 

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