Unheard Haiku

Unheard Haiku

The hardest part is:
Explaining that you are hurt,
To those that hurt you.


WoMANity Haiku

WoMANity Haiku

I may be Woman
But also Human. Not beast
So I need not roar


A Haiku With a Spine

A Haiku With a Spine

Have integrity,
No matter what the crowds jeer,
You stand with yourself.


Jericho’s Walls


The trumpets called,
But Jericho’s walls never did fall.
Those were just soothing fables told to create instant gratification,
In a world born of chaotic wandering.

But these false tales of triumph were not lies built on malice and trickery,
Rather a way for us to fool ourselves that we had done all our work,
So we might appear in the norm.
So we might walk alongside the masses and be as one of the tribe.

Although, Fortress walls take years to build
And even longer to destroy,
Brick by brick they can be brought to rubble.
Till the day we reach our inner most treasure
And the trumpets can call at the fall of Jericho’s walls.


Short and (Bitter) Sweet

Short and Sweet

It’s like praying for the words to pour onto this page.

Or waiting for That person to change into good.

I keep trying to high-five God, without any luck.

But it’s all out of reach… They’re just all out of reach.

(To be continued…)


Don’t be scared…

Don't be scared...

Don’t be scared, my love
For the monsters in the dark are only in your thoughts
And thoughts are yours to create new worlds,
Not worry of imagined brutes who are to afraid to climb out from under the bed.

Don’t be scared, my love
For the monsters in the day are only those ones who live afraid
And your world is much bigger than Fear and its fiends
Care not and cower non to those who choose to feel by showing fangs

Don’t be scared, my love
For the monster in the mirror is not a monster at all
Very soon you will look in his beautiful, yellow eyes
And you will see universes and the new worlds longing to be built.

Don’t be scared, my love… Don’t be scared.




During the silence you will remember:
There once was a voice
Once was a plan and an action

Shh… Hold on… Here comes the panic:

How can you see yourself through all the masks you are wearing?
How do you remember past the facade?
How can you love?
Do you love?
You’re standing in the puddle where your heart keeps bleeding
Bleeding and bleeding…out.

No one’s coming in to fish you out
You have to swim
Swim through the bleeding and the panic
Out of the pit that you dug
Off of the cross that you nailed yourself to
And you have to stand alone
Because we all do
And in the end we all will

During the silence you will remember… There once was a voice…
Shhh…can you hear it?


History of the Harridan

History of the Harridan

We were human once, were we not?
Long before our mothers and the mothers long before her.

When did we sever?
When did this war begin?

We war with Them and we war within ourselves,
So, this battle never ends.
We have no allies with our backs to one another.
We submit our own.

And now, Oh and now, we are nothing but abandoned mines.
Once searched and praised for our precious treasures,
Until stripped of our worth, and left for the centuries of time to bestow mercy on us, and rebuild what we once were.

But I am not a diamond mine,
And the more you strip me, the more naked I become,
Until all that is left is bone.
For no minute, nor day, nor thousand years can rebuild me from bone.

We were human once, were we not?
Long before our mothers and the mothers long before her.


Untitled Poetry Time

Untitled Poetry Time

(I don’t usually write poetry. Finals week and to much Carl Jung does odd things to a person’s psyche).

Tear from me this thing that grows in the center of my soul,
Because it was never you that resided in that place, but a piece of destruction.
And I’d rather a bit of nothing take up that space, then the illusion I’ve cultivated into you.

The They all say, in the end, Me will grow into that place,
The They all say, in the end, it will stop crying out in despair
And The They may be right, but until then it will still be filled with nothing….A place filled with nothing.

But I’d rather a bit of nothing take up that space, then the illusion I’ve cultivated… that’s you.


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