Prayer for Rain

Prayer for Rain

Yet another moon wanes
And goodbyes and forgiveness still won’t pass these lips.

So I pray for the rain to come wash this memory away.

When the home of your hopes becomes but a forest of toppling trees,
Sitting in the destruction leaves the obviousness of those shallow roots, raw in the heart.

So I pray for the rain to come wash this memory away.

If building from this fallen wood could make all anew,
There would be a thousand abiding temples innate in all of us, built solely on faith.

So I pray for the rain to come wash this memory away.

And when there is nothing left to walk from, walk to, start again, or depart for new,
Will goodbyes and forgiveness pass these lips,
Will raw hearts be eased and mended,
Will sanctuaries stand on immortal ground…

Will my prayers for rain come wash this memory away.


A Letter to Today: Bloodlines, Boundaries, Dirty Glass Wear and Death

A Letter to Today: Bloodlines, Boundaries, Dirty Glass Wear and Death

You have been a challenge; you have led me to question the ones I love, my work ethics, my faith, my blood, my boundaries and my ability to clean glass wear… to this I say:

I believe we will all find our path while climbing the same peak. “One mountain many paths” as some Unitarians might put it. Some are fortunate and never have to search.  They are born onto the path that fit them, comfortable in their skin, with their kin and their craft, while strolling gracefully to the summit. Where some of us have to realize, search and discover our path. On this trek the load may be heavier, people may come and go, and we may stumble along the way. To both I feel no pity, ill will, nor envy, as we are all exactly where we have chosen to and as we should be. In the end, no matter what trail we choose, what lover or career we take, as humans we all will die.

In death, our faith, career, love and even culture cease to matter. The living are left to carry the woes and worries of bloodlines and traditions. In death… we are dead. That is it! And no matter where we have come from, what or who we have worshiped or how we lived, this inevitable fate awaits us all.

With that said, I believe there is no man or woman, mother or father, saint nor sinner that can with 100% proof show me that there is a rightful god, culture, religion or Way. I know God.  And I know God to be True (for myself), because of my faith. And it is my faith that led me to the path that is Judaism… not my blood.
In the end, I believe the important question about life won’t be: How “good” was I in order to die righteously? But rather: How well did I live in order to say I truly lived at all?

“Faith is knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.” -Khalil Gibran

In faith and love,

P.S.  I still hate cleaning glass wear! And I’ve decided to never do it, again! There I’ve said it! ❤




Sunsets over greenish peaks
Blazed with hints of spirits three.
Remembering moments of sweet desire,
Bring me to this midnight feast.

If I feed myself from the Well of Past,
May I clean my hands with the rising sun?
Or am I cast to the gates as one of the rest?
To find final peace in the caves at the sea?


Inquiries at Noon: Rainy day Thoughts on the Heart

Inquiries at Noon: Rainy day Thoughts on the Heart

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is the perfect rainy day to reflect.
So much has changed in such little time and very profound decisions are to be made in a matter of days.
As I sit in the stillness of this day, I finding myself taking note of the state of my heart. Today, though I wait for answers, my heart is calm, with the occasional and slightest pings of excitement. It is the state of my heart that shows me that I continue to live in what is my truth… and no matter the outcome, all will be well.

Tell me friends, Do you follow the true calling of your heart? Do you live in what is right for you?  (for no matter how hard we ignore it, our heart always has the right answer).

In faith and love,


Guide of the Fragmented Parentage

Guide of the Fragmented Parentage

Viral Wife
Robotically emotional
Destroying from within the soul of the living
Forever self producing

Parasite Husband
Suckling life from any reachable breast
Emotionally benefiting at the expense of your host
Forever self assuring

Mother Spider
Spinning a web of dependency
Feeding off that which came of you
Forever self absorbed

Father Snake
As spineless as a politician
Lost in a myriad of comfortable lies
Forever self imprisoned

Puppet Child
Manipulated by the strings of Conditional Love
Never heard, but through someone else’s voice
Forever a prophecy of their creators


Inquiries at Noon: Independence Day!

Inquiries at Noon:  Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, my friends! As I bike through the city, on this lovely 4th of July day, I think on all the ways I can begin to “set myself free,” so that I may live and transform toward the best version of me!
So, what liberates you, dear friends? What sets you free?!


Questions at Midnight: Make A Wish


“Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tonight was the perfect night for a walk in the rain.  As I wandered this summer evening, with it’s glistening streets and reminiscent smell of wet pavement, I reflected on all I have desired and/or wished for.   All the things, people and places that lead me to this one rainy stroll and (perhaps) some brand new wishes. ❤

Tell me, friends, what do you wish?


To Be Continued…

To Be Continued...

Or should I say part two?
Can something be continued once it has ended?
The characters may all look the same, yes, but their internal landscapes have changed.
We have all been affected by our surroundings…by one another.
And what is it we are looking for? A continuation of “what was”?
Because a past not learned from, not set free, is a history doomed to repeat itself.
Sounds a bit naive, perhaps even a bit stagnant, to me…but more on that later…

(To be continued…)


La Vérité

La Vérité

Cradles of word
Brimming with intention.
Bearing adoration,
But often times venom

Careful as you forage,
Unmarked alms carry consequence.
The just choice is free,
The latter your fate…

And in the moment of Truth,
No crown will be cast aside for your soul.
Solitarily, you will stand,
Only then will your gospel be whispered.


Where is this, Temperance?

Where is this, Temperance?

Where is this, Temperance?
For I can no longer feel my feet within this deep dark mud
Instead, long awaited roots anchoring into the soil.

Where is this, Temperance?
When the storms blow in,
Where I was one to whirl up in the chaos
I bend with ease through the toil,
As if I were only in a breeze.

Where is this, Temperance?
I don’t feel I have gone anywhere
and yet I grow.
Growing up, you say, Temperance?
Growing strong?
Setting my roots and allowing the storms that have passed to water my soul?
So, that I may know myself deeper
and stand in truth, firmly?

So this is where, Temperance?
This is I, this is me, this us, this is we
Always growing…                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yet always where we are meant to be.


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