Lonely Heart’s Home

Empty bed for two

Empty spot for a kitten

But no one comes home.

Six Months Later…

Did you know their names?

Or are we nothing but goats

Meant to bear your rage?

Worth the Work

When I remember

I think Pixar and road trips

The things that made Us.

Waxing and Waning

The words to that song,

The smell of you on my skin,

This smoke in my eyes. 

Not a Haiku… Just Some Words 

 I can’t see your face anymore.

Just your eyes.

They always looked right through me…Through everyone.

Turning, Turning…

It smells of the past.  

As we turn inward, recall,

The book is open. 

To do… Haiku.

List of things to do:
Remind you that I love you
Keep on keepin’ on.