Six Months Later…

Did you know their names?

Or are we nothing but goats

Meant to bear your rage?

Sacred Vows

How to convince you

My love for you is so true?

Please hear my prayer.


So many faces
I need my sanctuary
The place I call home

Atonement: The Book is Written…

Asking forgiveness:
To you, whom I love so much
To myself… Not enough.

The Book Opens…

The sound of one voice,
L’Shana tova, my friends.
A blessed new year!



Dear One, come!
Climb roof tops with me,
Discover some mystery.

Take my hand!
And take this risk!
Let us smash false idols buried deep within our souls.
Ones we were once so desperate to look to…To cling to.

For today, I am a God Wrestler!
And from my mouth cries the voice of freedom!
Can you hear?

I have defeated the iron fist
I used to keep myself shackled from love,
And in doing so I have set myself free.
I have set us free.

And now I can love you as I do myself:

For today, I am a God Wrestler!
And from my mouth sings the voice of love!
Can you hear?