Six Months Later…

Did you know their names?

Or are we nothing but goats

Meant to bear your rage?

Sacred Vows

How to convince you

My love for you is so true?

Please hear my prayer.

As the Book Closes

Atonement comes fast

Let forgiveness come easy 

As the book closes. 

Week Four- The Year of my Heart

Deep like creeks and wood

Is this aching in my heart,

As this book opens.  

Turning, Turning…

It smells of the past.  

As we turn inward, recall,

The book is open. 


So many faces
I need my sanctuary
The place I call home

A Kosher Haiku (or) Ode to Bacon

A Kosher Haiku (or) Ode to Bacon

Chef Leviticus,
“Faith Identity Dining!”
Pork! How you treif me!

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”– Doug Larson