Tin man

My heart remains yours,

Though you never wanted it.

I too can go numb?

A Merry Masquerade  

They say I survived 

The wicked you left in me. 

Ah, masks are mighty. 

Week 3-Reality Dependent

Oh fuck I miss you,

Like some veins miss a needle. 

Like I miss your pain.  

Responsibility Taken  

Said what I had to, 

Cause losing you hurt too much. 

Of course I love you.  

Last Song 

Dissonant in rapport, 

Your instrument of judgment

And now this song ends. 

Truth and the Nightmare

Please my love, wake me. 

Tell me this is all nightmares,

That you are not lost. 

Swell Season 

You never stay long.  

Long enough to never go. 

Your wound is my grief. 

Hide and see me

Invisible man,

Just like any other man 

Only never there. 

Not a Haiku… Just Some Words 

 I can’t see your face anymore.

Just your eyes.

They always looked right through me…Through everyone.


Remind me of things,

Things that have been forgotten.

Things that need an end. 

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