I’d rather be wrong

And have you say I’m nothing.

You ARE lovable.

Ambivalent Heart

Still feeling angry.

Still feeling hurt and betrayed.

But damn! I miss you.

My Box

Just like Pandora,

Opening my box won’t kill you.

Years should’ve proved that.

Worth the Work

When I remember

I think Pixar and road trips

The things that made Us.

Sacred Vows

How to convince you

My love for you is so true?

Please hear my prayer.


You’ll never be alone,

Yet you’ll always be lonely.

Victim of your game.

Make a Wish

I selfishly wish

I could be the one thing that  

Could make you believe.   


Haiku of the Habitué

A handful of hope, 

Enough to keep me going.  

Holding on and on. 

Psalm 72:6

“God is in the rain?”

With heavy heart I succumb. 

Wash away my pain. 

“As You Wish”

Pride is like poison. 

What does it take to melt fear?

Can love conquer all?