Heart on the Menu

Marinate slowly,

Then cook for many hours.

The best things take time.



Week Four- The Year of my Heart

Deep like creeks and wood

Is this aching in my heart,

As this book opens.  

Mason Jars and Memories

Afternoon napping, 

The smell of honey and earth

Intertwined and tea. 

Make a Wish

I selfishly wish

I could be the one thing that  

Could make you believe.   


Vagrant Mercy

Heart shaped caravan.

Guided solely by its beat. 

Finding its way home.

Admissions (Continue)

I gave you my heart

You were careless with it

I have love to give 

Admissions (fin)

My heart grows weary 

I’ll bite my tongue till it bleeds 

And make silence mine. 

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