The Evening Thunders

Wake with the rumble. 
Wait. Let the eyes and mind adjust…

Yes! Bring on this rain! 

Gone Fishing 

In this year to come,

The year of my silence,

I will be filled with wordless songs

And unspoken sonnets. 

In the year of my silence, 
Things broken will burn 

And out of death and ash will things be born 

In the year of my silence,
Devotion will cease to be offered to unavailable lips 

And only love will learn to spill from these neglected veins. 

In the year of my silence.


Through the Looking Glass


I stand spectating.
Wonderland can be trying,
But you’ll get through it.

Hidden Things

Do I have to tell?

The pit that you left in me?

I want to be loved. 

Cascades and Cures

When will this dam break,

And the past wash upon me?

This storm brings new life. 


Lord, what world is this?

When tears wash the bloodstained ground,

We all leave wounded. 

Haikus and (Un)buried Hatchets

So many choices.

One sentence keeps me from you.

Keep pushin’ that dirt.

Hibernating Haiku

In love we will sleep,

Like a pond under winter. 

Waiting for its thaw. 

Not a Haiku… Just Some Words 

 I can’t see your face anymore.

Just your eyes.

They always looked right through me…Through everyone.


Remind me of things,

Things that have been forgotten.

Things that need an end. 

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