An Ode to Dorian

The thin skin of time.

Self-deceiving words hold youth?

Root down to grow up.

Flowers for Johnny


John “Fucking” Flowers!
Now, that’s what a man should be!!
Genius and jail bound.

Jericho’s Walls


The trumpets called,
But Jericho’s walls never did fall.
Those were just soothing fables told to create instant gratification,
In a world born of chaotic wandering.

But these false tales of triumph were not lies built on malice and trickery,
Rather a way for us to fool ourselves that we had done all our work,
So we might appear in the norm.
So we might walk alongside the masses and be as one of the tribe.

Although, Fortress walls take years to build
And even longer to destroy,
Brick by brick they can be brought to rubble.
Till the day we reach our inner most treasure
And the trumpets can call at the fall of Jericho’s walls.


To Be Continued…

To Be Continued...

Or should I say part two?
Can something be continued once it has ended?
The characters may all look the same, yes, but their internal landscapes have changed.
We have all been affected by our surroundings…by one another.
And what is it we are looking for? A continuation of “what was”?
Because a past not learned from, not set free, is a history doomed to repeat itself.
Sounds a bit naive, perhaps even a bit stagnant, to me…but more on that later…

(To be continued…)


Where is this, Temperance?

Where is this, Temperance?

Where is this, Temperance?
For I can no longer feel my feet within this deep dark mud
Instead, long awaited roots anchoring into the soil.

Where is this, Temperance?
When the storms blow in,
Where I was one to whirl up in the chaos
I bend with ease through the toil,
As if I were only in a breeze.

Where is this, Temperance?
I don’t feel I have gone anywhere
and yet I grow.
Growing up, you say, Temperance?
Growing strong?
Setting my roots and allowing the storms that have passed to water my soul?
So, that I may know myself deeper
and stand in truth, firmly?

So this is where, Temperance?
This is I, this is me, this us, this is we
Always growing…                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yet always where we are meant to be.