Forbidden Planet (1956) 

This is the tale of

The dead girl and her robot. 

I love this story. 

Little Dolls and Graditude


I thought you should know.
I love you so very much,
Creepy Little Doll.

Dark Skies and Evening Haikus


The rain pours. He sings,
“If it’s a friend that you need”
God, let it be me.

Mississippi Mud

Shiksa with a blade
Who protects me with her draw
That’s a fucking friend.

Aggravated Alliteration

Loyalty is love
Fickle friends find you folly
Beware betraying

Stat Creeper

You are what you are
And I fucking love my friends
It’s gonna be fine.

Sleepwalk Haiku

Sleepwalking with friends
Dreaming my sorrows away
It’s a teenage dream

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