My Box

Just like Pandora,

Opening my box won’t kill you.

Years should’ve proved that.

Independence Day

You know why you’ve lost?

Cause I didn’t cry once today. 

I call that a win.

Sonnet for the Suffering

White magnolia,

Sweet fragrance of my freedom. 

Linger through my strife. 



Haiku of the Hampered Hymn

I can’t be quiet,

My soul sings like a song bird

Please do not cage me.

It’s Only a Paper Moon

it's only a paper moon
Mystery solved.
Bloodlines don’t bind like secrets.
You know that I know.

“Highly” Educated Haiku

The egotism,
Which keeps this institution,
Does keep you sedate.

Who the F**k is Chef Boyardee? :(

When I was very young
We were not allowed nice things…
Lucky Charms… Or freedom.

(Much thanks to my co-writers: Benjamin and Rikah)

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