My Box

Just like Pandora,

Opening my box won’t kill you.

Years should’ve proved that.

Independence Day

You know why you’ve lost?

Cause I didn’t cry once today. 

I call that a win.

Sonnet for the Suffering

White magnolia,

Sweet fragrance of my freedom. 

Linger through my strife. 



Haiku of the Hampered Hymn

I can’t be quiet,

My soul sings like a song bird

Please do not cage me.

It’s Only a Paper Moon

it's only a paper moon
Mystery solved.
Bloodlines don’t bind like secrets.
You know that I know.

“Highly” Educated Haiku

The egotism,
Which keeps this institution,
Does keep you sedate.

Who the F**k is Chef Boyardee? :(

When I was very young
We were not allowed nice things…
Lucky Charms… Or freedom.

(Much thanks to my co-writers: Benjamin and Rikah)

A-Musing Haiku

Freedom for a night.
I was seventeen again
And I was timeless.



Dear One, come!
Climb roof tops with me,
Discover some mystery.

Take my hand!
And take this risk!
Let us smash false idols buried deep within our souls.
Ones we were once so desperate to look to…To cling to.

For today, I am a God Wrestler!
And from my mouth cries the voice of freedom!
Can you hear?

I have defeated the iron fist
I used to keep myself shackled from love,
And in doing so I have set myself free.
I have set us free.

And now I can love you as I do myself:

For today, I am a God Wrestler!
And from my mouth sings the voice of love!
Can you hear?


Guide of the Fragmented Parentage

Guide of the Fragmented Parentage

Viral Wife
Robotically emotional
Destroying from within the soul of the living
Forever self producing

Parasite Husband
Suckling life from any reachable breast
Emotionally benefiting at the expense of your host
Forever self assuring

Mother Spider
Spinning a web of dependency
Feeding off that which came of you
Forever self absorbed

Father Snake
As spineless as a politician
Lost in a myriad of comfortable lies
Forever self imprisoned

Puppet Child
Manipulated by the strings of Conditional Love
Never heard, but through someone else’s voice
Forever a prophecy of their creators


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