Cautious Composition 

The time for prudence.  

The shells on the floor are sharp. 

And my heart is raw. 

Dark Skies and Evening Haikus


The rain pours. He sings,
“If it’s a friend that you need”
God, let it be me.

Haiku and Nightmares

Tell me, Adonai,
When I close my eyes tonight
Will there be demons?

Railroad Spine

You are in my bones.
Every time I think I’ve won,
Out seeps your poison.

Haiku of Unfamiliar Endings

What is there to fear?
I have no fear of this death.
Only the dark things.

Don’t be scared…

Don't be scared...

Don’t be scared, my love
For the monsters in the dark are only in your thoughts
And thoughts are yours to create new worlds,
Not worry of imagined brutes who are to afraid to climb out from under the bed.

Don’t be scared, my love
For the monsters in the day are only those ones who live afraid
And your world is much bigger than Fear and its fiends
Care not and cower non to those who choose to feel by showing fangs

Don’t be scared, my love
For the monster in the mirror is not a monster at all
Very soon you will look in his beautiful, yellow eyes
And you will see universes and the new worlds longing to be built.

Don’t be scared, my love… Don’t be scared.


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