Lonely Heart’s Home

Empty bed for two

Empty spot for a kitten

But no one comes home.

Cat Lady đŸ’—

Always here for me

Like a little fur-angel.

Love you, my kitten.

Worth the Work

When I remember

I think Pixar and road trips

The things that made Us.

Sacred Vows

How to convince you

My love for you is so true?

Please hear my prayer.

Haiku of Fear and Blood


The things they teach you:
Don’t cross the low-water bridge.
Live the illusion.

The Parting Places

My heart is heavy,
Weeping with those who are morning.
Friend, you will be missed.

It’s Only a Paper Moon

it's only a paper moon
Mystery solved.
Bloodlines don’t bind like secrets.
You know that I know.

Haiku From the Hearth

Each night I leave you
A candle in the window
To light your way home.

Fernet-Induced Haiku

Oh, how I love you
The Smiths say, “The Queen is Dead.”
Friends keep me alive.

Child of The Land of Nod

Child of The Land of Nod

Mother Tribe, take me in.
For I am a child of the Land of Nod.
Abandoned like an orphan,
I have been banished to wander at the price of another’s sin.
Praying for someone, something to wash this blood from my hands.

Mother Tribe, take me in.
For this wandering has been long,
And I yearn for a place to rest my weary head.
A place to let go of old myths and begin anew.

But Mother Tribe does not understand.
All she see are her children.
Her once lost, but newly found children,
Covered in the sin of another

“Come my Littles,”
She does say,
“Come and I will do, as a good mother does,
And wash and scrub this burden from your soul.
For children were not made to wear the sins of their maker.”

Mother Tribe, take me in.
Where I once was a child of the Land of Nod.
You graced me pure of the burdens of my creator.
Just as a good mother does.


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