“Z” end is Near 

They pray for the end. 

Waiting for a salvation…

I just want zombies. 


The things we don’t say 

Eating away at our souls

Listen to the truth. 

Le Fin

Le Fin

Not available
Not allowed
Not admired
Not avowed

Never seen
Never heard
And so I leave
Without a word




A heart is like a Phoenix
Bursting into flames to be reborn
Lifting from the ash slightly closer to its purpose
A little further down the path of its quest.

A tear is like a storm
Waiting to wash away the ashes
Yearning to water the trees of our soul
So we may grow upward and proud

A soul is like a deep warm wind
Circling through the chasms of our thoughts
Whipping through our bones
Challenging us to live!

A death is like a life
Eternally in a state of ending
Eternally moving toward the beginning
Reminding us our present is precious


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