Holy Matrimony

Your need for power

Trumps the vows you spoke to me.

I stand defeated.

Of Love and Loss

This feels like a death

Yet each of us is alive.

The grief of the heart.

Delays and Departures 

For years we’ve been this. 

I would have changed sooner, 

If only I could. 

Truth and the Nightmare

Please my love, wake me. 

Tell me this is all nightmares,

That you are not lost. 

The Willow by the Brook

What “rue” has done me?

Given to me by bent song. 

Drowned, Ophelia.

Today is the day…


I took this last breath.

My story has come to rest.

Today was the day.


Things to understand:

This moment is gone for good. 

We are infinite. 

“Z” end is Near 

They pray for the end. 

Waiting for a salvation…

I just want zombies. 


The things we don’t say 

Eating away at our souls

Listen to the truth. 

Le Fin

Le Fin

Not available
Not allowed
Not admired
Not avowed

Never seen
Never heard
And so I leave
Without a word


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