Lonely Heart’s Home

Empty bed for two

Empty spot for a kitten

But no one comes home.

Holy Matrimony

Your need for power

Trumps the vows you spoke to me.

I stand defeated.

Wall of Stone

Beaten by silence,

But behind that wall lives rage.

Which one wounds me most?

World Divided 

Voice raw with pleading,

Divided by heart’s cages. 

Reach through and touch me. 

Distinguished Palate

Lost ingredient.
You just don’t suit my palate.
I haven’t the thyme.

Don’t Prove me Right

Don't Prove me Right

Don’t prove me right:
I realize this situation is extremely ambivalent,
But choices can be made,
And with the destruction of every world
A new, different world is born.

Don’t prove me right:
All faith will be lost,
But not in you.
Faith that I’ll never find worth in something not broken.

Don’t prove me right:
Get off the floor.
Pick up the pieces.
You are not broken, unless you choose to be.
It’s all a choice.
There are no forever’s.

Don’t prove me right:
I am not broken,
Not anymore.
I just look for pieces to pick up and put together.

And in the end?
Tons of little broken bits,
And none of them fit together.
When boredom sets in they’ll get thrown back to the shore…
And so will you.

Don’t prove me right.