Lonely Heart’s Home

Empty bed for two

Empty spot for a kitten

But no one comes home.

Primal Masquerade

To be trustworthy

Means choosing intimacy.

And winning my heart.

Holy Matrimony

Your need for power

Trumps the vows you spoke to me.

I stand defeated.


I’d rather be wrong

And have you say I’m nothing.

You ARE lovable.

Wall of Stone

Beaten by silence,

But behind that wall lives rage.

Which one wounds me most?

It’s Only a Paper Moon

it's only a paper moon
Mystery solved.
Bloodlines don’t bind like secrets.
You know that I know.

The Sweet Psalm of the Subjected

The Sweet Psalm of the Subjected

Oh them youthful infatuations.
Keepin’ our heads all clouded,
And our actions sedate.
Feelin’ nothin’ but that sweet sweet oppression
drippin’ slowly into our mouths
Just like tupelo honey.

But if there be two persons
There’ll always be three versions
And that third friend’ll be called Truth.

Cause the mirror be reflectin’
Only what this mind wanna see,
And that ain’t no “Fun House” mirror,
Just pretty pink lies,
made up by some age-weary mind.
So we might hold on longer to them youthful infatuations.

But oh! How bout them youthful infatuations?
Them kept our heads clouded
And our actions sedate.
Cause back them we cared about nothin’,
Nothin’ but that sweet sweet oppression
Drippin’ slowly into our mouths
Just like tupelo honey.


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