Primal Masquerade

To be trustworthy

Means choosing intimacy.

And winning my heart.

Holy Matrimony

Your need for power

Trumps the vows you spoke to me.

I stand defeated.

Six Months Later…

Did you know their names?

Or are we nothing but goats

Meant to bear your rage?

Ambivalent Heart

Still feeling angry.

Still feeling hurt and betrayed.

But damn! I miss you.

Wall of Stone

Beaten by silence,

But behind that wall lives rage.

Which one wounds me most?

It’s Only a Paper Moon

it's only a paper moon
Mystery solved.
Bloodlines don’t bind like secrets.
You know that I know.

Aggravated Alliteration

Loyalty is love
Fickle friends find you folly
Beware betraying

Wanted for Murder

Broken heart
Remember that day?
You know, that day in July?
You killed me that day.

The Ties That Blind

“Darling, I love you.
I will not be vulnerable.”

Haiku of Glass and Lies

Shelves full of glass globes.
Does it suck living a lie?
Just when the glass breaks.