Howling Haiku

Who will come with me?
Come and howl at the moon?
This thing needs to scream.

Wanted for Murder

Broken heart
Remember that day?
You know, that day in July?
You killed me that day.

The Ties That Blind

“Darling, I love you.
I will not be vulnerable.”

Atonement: The Book is Written…

Asking forgiveness:
To you, whom I love so much
To myself… Not enough.

The End of the Best Worst Day

The End of Best Worst Day

So this is how it’s gonna be
You with a gun and me with a car
No one could stop us
Except the demons inside
That ate us from within

We were on top of the world
Well, the little snow globe we created, anyway.
And it was nice,
At least for a second.
Before it slipped from our hands
And that little glass world shatter before us.

And the demons inside kept on feasting
And we kept on driving,
As far from the truth as possible
Blasting “Tomorrow Wendy”
Singing as loud as we could,
“Hey, hey, good bye.
Tomorrow Wendy’s going to die.”
Hoping to drowned out the pathetic cries of the demons within us trying to tear free.

So this is how it’s gonna be
You with a gun and me with a car
No one could stop us
Except the demons inside
That ate us from within

And we’ve finally made it to the edge of this cliff,
Like the most forgettable version of Thelma and Louise, ever imagined.
We’re like a half eaten wedding cake
Long before the vows have been spoken.
Only do we go off the edge together?
Or does one of us pull that gun
And save our own ass?
Screw it…
Fuck your bad vibes… I’m out.

(Thanks to Miss Susanna for the amazing pic and the late night pep talks, during these days of double masters and life quandaries. Much love)


As If….(A Waltz in E minor)

As If....(A Waltz in E minor)

I loved you,
as if I loved urgency and pain
I hated you,
as if I hated comfort and sanity
I wanted you,
as if I wanted life to be chaos
I needed you,
as if that were ever an option

You loved me,
as if love were a facade
You hated me,
as if I didn’t know that already
You wanted me,
as if I were a thing to obtain
You needed me,
as if needing were my triumph

We loved us,
as if love were like water
We hated us,
as if hate fueled passion
We wanted us,
as if this tale could be true
We needed us…

and that is true.


Don’t Prove me Right

Don't Prove me Right

Don’t prove me right:
I realize this situation is extremely ambivalent,
But choices can be made,
And with the destruction of every world
A new, different world is born.

Don’t prove me right:
All faith will be lost,
But not in you.
Faith that I’ll never find worth in something not broken.

Don’t prove me right:
Get off the floor.
Pick up the pieces.
You are not broken, unless you choose to be.
It’s all a choice.
There are no forever’s.

Don’t prove me right:
I am not broken,
Not anymore.
I just look for pieces to pick up and put together.

And in the end?
Tons of little broken bits,
And none of them fit together.
When boredom sets in they’ll get thrown back to the shore…
And so will you.

Don’t prove me right.


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