Holy Matrimony

Your need for power

Trumps the vows you spoke to me.

I stand defeated.


I’d rather be wrong

And have you say I’m nothing.

You ARE lovable.

Wall of Stone

Beaten by silence,

But behind that wall lives rage.

Which one wounds me most?

Haiku of the Fruitless Wait

Twenty years you’ve stood,

Just waiting on that corner.  

Wishing they would come.

The Arrogant Altruist (or #SorrynotSorry)


How to stop habits?

These constant apologies…

For my existence.

Independence Day

You know why you’ve lost?

Cause I didn’t cry once today. 

I call that a win.

Sonnet for the Suffering

White magnolia,

Sweet fragrance of my freedom. 

Linger through my strife. 



Proverbs 3:13


Happy is the man,

Who confesses to his crimes. 

Wear what you have done.