Dreamdumpster’s 2013 “Government Quality Control” Opinion Census

Please pick one of the following statements from below:

I would like to see:

A.) My government keep “the lights on?”

B.) My government shut down, in what resembles a five year old child having a tantrum?

C.) My government accidentally start the zombie apocalypse (and possible intergalactic battle) leading to universal peace?

Please leave vote and comments below…and have a revolutionary-kind-of-day!!


A Letter to Today: Bloodlines, Boundaries, Dirty Glass Wear and Death

A Letter to Today: Bloodlines, Boundaries, Dirty Glass Wear and Death

You have been a challenge; you have led me to question the ones I love, my work ethics, my faith, my blood, my boundaries and my ability to clean glass wear… to this I say:

I believe we will all find our path while climbing the same peak. “One mountain many paths” as some Unitarians might put it. Some are fortunate and never have to search.  They are born onto the path that fit them, comfortable in their skin, with their kin and their craft, while strolling gracefully to the summit. Where some of us have to realize, search and discover our path. On this trek the load may be heavier, people may come and go, and we may stumble along the way. To both I feel no pity, ill will, nor envy, as we are all exactly where we have chosen to and as we should be. In the end, no matter what trail we choose, what lover or career we take, as humans we all will die.

In death, our faith, career, love and even culture cease to matter. The living are left to carry the woes and worries of bloodlines and traditions. In death… we are dead. That is it! And no matter where we have come from, what or who we have worshiped or how we lived, this inevitable fate awaits us all.

With that said, I believe there is no man or woman, mother or father, saint nor sinner that can with 100% proof show me that there is a rightful god, culture, religion or Way. I know God.  And I know God to be True (for myself), because of my faith. And it is my faith that led me to the path that is Judaism… not my blood.
In the end, I believe the important question about life won’t be: How “good” was I in order to die righteously? But rather: How well did I live in order to say I truly lived at all?

“Faith is knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.” -Khalil Gibran

In faith and love,

P.S.  I still hate cleaning glass wear! And I’ve decided to never do it, again! There I’ve said it! ❤


Inquiries at Noon: Rainy day Thoughts on the Heart

Inquiries at Noon: Rainy day Thoughts on the Heart

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is the perfect rainy day to reflect.
So much has changed in such little time and very profound decisions are to be made in a matter of days.
As I sit in the stillness of this day, I finding myself taking note of the state of my heart. Today, though I wait for answers, my heart is calm, with the occasional and slightest pings of excitement. It is the state of my heart that shows me that I continue to live in what is my truth… and no matter the outcome, all will be well.

Tell me friends, Do you follow the true calling of your heart? Do you live in what is right for you?  (for no matter how hard we ignore it, our heart always has the right answer).

In faith and love,


Inquiries at Noon: Independence Day!

Inquiries at Noon:  Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, my friends! As I bike through the city, on this lovely 4th of July day, I think on all the ways I can begin to “set myself free,” so that I may live and transform toward the best version of me!
So, what liberates you, dear friends? What sets you free?!


Questions at Midnight: Make A Wish


“Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tonight was the perfect night for a walk in the rain.  As I wandered this summer evening, with it’s glistening streets and reminiscent smell of wet pavement, I reflected on all I have desired and/or wished for.   All the things, people and places that lead me to this one rainy stroll and (perhaps) some brand new wishes. ❤

Tell me, friends, what do you wish?


Questions at Midnight

Questions at Midnight

As the years pass and I become more committed to my own spiritual practice, I have begun to understand (more and more) the importance of recognizing the time known as “Shabbat.” Shabbat (to me) is a brief moment that allows our souls, our relationships, and our bodies to sigh, take heed, and breath, once more. We all need moments to repose and rejuvenate, but in our on-the-go society we tend to forget that constant motion will eventually (and sooner than later) burn out the machine. I realize, not all of us observe a weekly, day of rest, but if you could:
What would “rest” look like to you? And why are you not doing it already?

“Shabbat is practice for the world to come. Weekly practice in living in a world that doesn’t need fixing”

Shabbat Shalom,


Questions at Midnight

Questions at Midnight

Quote for a sleepless Midnight:

“Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.”-R.H.S

Question for a sleepless Midnight:

What are we waiting for?  And while we are doing all of this waiting….What is waiting for us?


A Year’s End… A Life’s Beginning

"Flight of icarus" by Darren Mahuron

“Flight of icarus” by Darren Mahuron

Quote to End 2012:
“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” -A. France

A view of the year’s past:
This year was to be the year of the apocolypse and come December 21st, we all realized that most of us were still here and again we stood relieved…. or disappointed (not enough zombies). But the more I spoke with friends, family, and even those who’s lives were merely rumor to me, I noticed this was, indeed, the year of change.
Besides the larger, nation-shifting, events of the year (Hurricane Sandy, the election, the CT shooting) I became aware of lives around me (including my own) beginning to make sudden changes. On a personal level, many of us experienced the loss of loved ones, friends, faith, jobs or our idea of what love and life used to mean. It becomes to easy to attach to the idea that an apocolypes has to be a fast, quick and devistating, but not all life-shifts come to us swiftly or disasterously. Many of my friends had newborns this year, were engaged or move to new places. I began graduate school and my mother began her retirement, found her yogic path and joined a community of friends, she had never expected to know. Whether positive or negitive, it all changes us. Although, like any change, be that hardship or comfort, all change comes with loss. We must release in order to grow and letting go can be the hardest part of moving forward, because it is to easy to become stuck in what is comfortable, then take the step to what is new and unknown. The unknown that is change gives us no absolutes and the comfort of our misery is at least a comfort we have come to know and expect, but learning to change means learning to jump blindly. Learning to jump on faith. Faith that you will land somewhere much better than where you took off.
I have come to believe the only way we can make that jump and grow within is through honesty, love and forgiveness of ourselves and others. When we live in integrity, in truth, with love and through forgiveness we are able to tear down walls, between and within us, that may have been built years before, and through this we set ourselves free.
So, I close 2012 with two things:
First, today, I ask forgiveness to myself and others for any heartache I may have caused over this past year and accept the forgiveness of those who have wounded me. We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have and we must learn to hold ourselves gently and in grace.
And lastly, my question and challege to you for 2013:
In the next 365 days, I challenge you all to decide where you can let go, where you can forgive yourself and others and where you can “die” and be reborn into the person you are meant to be.

How will you choose to “die” into your new life?


My Business, my Business!

My business, my business!

Quote of the month:
“When you fall in love, you wanna share it with people but you know there are some things that you need to keep to yourself, ’cause privacy makes things last longer, I feel.” -B. Norwood

Question of the month:
What you think of me is none of my business?
Ye or Nay?


In reaction to the CT school shooting:

In reaction to the CT school shooting:

My Friends,
I see so many of us posting about the gun problem. I do not own a gun, I do not shoot guns. I am, honestly, nervous around them, but I am not sure that is our problem. Perhaps our problem lies in the instability and the “broken way” of the American home. We live in a society that holds an unrealistic expectation of how to live. There is an unhealthy norm placed upon marriage, family, career and education, sex and love, and even God. Perhaps if we began teaching ALL of our children to understand the meaning of true compassion for ourselves and others and that we ALL carry the human condition called “emotions,” we will learn to live among one another, because we will learn to live at peace within ourselves. Today is not the day to speak about gun laws. Today is the day to find the light within you and send it to the people who’s hearts have been broken and children have been lost in this dark moment. We cannot afford to fight, today. We can only afford to send love.


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