Dreamdumpster’s 2013 “Government Quality Control” Opinion Census

Please pick one of the following statements from below:

I would like to see:

A.) My government keep “the lights on?”

B.) My government shut down, in what resembles a five year old child having a tantrum?

C.) My government accidentally start the zombie apocalypse (and possible intergalactic battle) leading to universal peace?

Please leave vote and comments below…and have a revolutionary-kind-of-day!!


Quoi Aimer? What the Love are You Saying? (A Rant on the Language of Love)

Quoi Aimer? What the Love are You Saying? (A rant on the language of love)

“The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” by Gary Chapman is a relationship-building book I was given many years ago, but must admit, I never read. I skimmed its pages and was coworkers with the nephew of the author, so I knew the jist of the book. Although, I never read the book (in its entirety) I agreed with the idea that, as relationship-desiring humans, we have a way of feeling and expressing love to our friends, partners and family. According to Chapman there are five love languages and we are able to learn new ones, so that we might give love to those we love, in the way they feel and understand love to be.
It was through a series of events between partners, family and friends that lead me to understand my own “love language.” For years, I could tell you I knew when someone loved me, but I couldn’t put it into words. I knew that I trusted and respected these people. That the things they did in their lives, to others and to me, I appreciated and admired, but I couldn’t say WHY they loved me, I just knew they did.

Just recently I found myself sitting down with a pad of paper writing a list of the ones I found to be loving, honest and respectable people in my life. On the other side of the paper, I wrote the names of the ones that (in so many words) didn’t make the cut. The main difference between the ones that did make the “love list” and the ones that didn’t were actions. The people in my life who’s actions match consistently with their words, were the ones I valued, respected and knew loved me. I think this is because I felt they had enough respect and value for me, to stay consistent and truthful, even in times of hardship.

It made me look back on numerous situations with partners when I would feel rejected, betrayed and disappointed that their actions and words did not match up. In so many ways, I suppose they were lying, whether knowingly or not, they were not being honest in what they said and that was enough to prove to me that love did not live in that relationship. When you value someone enough to be consistent with them, you build trust and trust builds love. I don’t value just words alone. Words only have power if you give them power and I believe power of Word is gained through action. Don’t tell me you love, show me. Don’t gush on my intelligence, have a conversation with me. Be as active in your commitment to me, as you would be to your own life. It was through this, that I realized why I love others the way I do. Even when times are hard, I make it a point to keep consistent, communicate and stay true to my action.

Of course, as Chapman writes there are five different love languages, but I think all five can agree that consistency and honesty are the key to all of them, and even though I didn’t read the whole book, I do encourage all of you to try it out, if only to know your own love language… and then write me back and tell me what you learn.

In faith,


A Letter to Today: Bloodlines, Boundaries, Dirty Glass Wear and Death

A Letter to Today: Bloodlines, Boundaries, Dirty Glass Wear and Death

You have been a challenge; you have led me to question the ones I love, my work ethics, my faith, my blood, my boundaries and my ability to clean glass wear… to this I say:

I believe we will all find our path while climbing the same peak. “One mountain many paths” as some Unitarians might put it. Some are fortunate and never have to search.  They are born onto the path that fit them, comfortable in their skin, with their kin and their craft, while strolling gracefully to the summit. Where some of us have to realize, search and discover our path. On this trek the load may be heavier, people may come and go, and we may stumble along the way. To both I feel no pity, ill will, nor envy, as we are all exactly where we have chosen to and as we should be. In the end, no matter what trail we choose, what lover or career we take, as humans we all will die.

In death, our faith, career, love and even culture cease to matter. The living are left to carry the woes and worries of bloodlines and traditions. In death… we are dead. That is it! And no matter where we have come from, what or who we have worshiped or how we lived, this inevitable fate awaits us all.

With that said, I believe there is no man or woman, mother or father, saint nor sinner that can with 100% proof show me that there is a rightful god, culture, religion or Way. I know God.  And I know God to be True (for myself), because of my faith. And it is my faith that led me to the path that is Judaism… not my blood.
In the end, I believe the important question about life won’t be: How “good” was I in order to die righteously? But rather: How well did I live in order to say I truly lived at all?

“Faith is knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.” -Khalil Gibran

In faith and love,

P.S.  I still hate cleaning glass wear! And I’ve decided to never do it, again! There I’ve said it!❤


Inquiries at Noon: Rainy day Thoughts on the Heart

Inquiries at Noon: Rainy day Thoughts on the Heart

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is the perfect rainy day to reflect.
So much has changed in such little time and very profound decisions are to be made in a matter of days.
As I sit in the stillness of this day, I finding myself taking note of the state of my heart. Today, though I wait for answers, my heart is calm, with the occasional and slightest pings of excitement. It is the state of my heart that shows me that I continue to live in what is my truth… and no matter the outcome, all will be well.

Tell me friends, Do you follow the true calling of your heart? Do you live in what is right for you?  (for no matter how hard we ignore it, our heart always has the right answer).

In faith and love,


Inquiries at Noon: Independence Day!

Inquiries at Noon:  Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, my friends! As I bike through the city, on this lovely 4th of July day, I think on all the ways I can begin to “set myself free,” so that I may live and transform toward the best version of me!
So, what liberates you, dear friends? What sets you free?!


Questions at Midnight: Make A Wish


“Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tonight was the perfect night for a walk in the rain.  As I wandered this summer evening, with it’s glistening streets and reminiscent smell of wet pavement, I reflected on all I have desired and/or wished for.   All the things, people and places that lead me to this one rainy stroll and (perhaps) some brand new wishes.❤

Tell me, friends, what do you wish?


Questions at Midnight

Questions at Midnight

As the years pass and I become more committed to my own spiritual practice, I have begun to understand (more and more) the importance of recognizing the time known as “Shabbat.” Shabbat (to me) is a brief moment that allows our souls, our relationships, and our bodies to sigh, take heed, and breath, once more. We all need moments to repose and rejuvenate, but in our on-the-go society we tend to forget that constant motion will eventually (and sooner than later) burn out the machine. I realize, not all of us observe a weekly, day of rest, but if you could:
What would “rest” look like to you? And why are you not doing it already?

“Shabbat is practice for the world to come. Weekly practice in living in a world that doesn’t need fixing”

Shabbat Shalom,


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