Week 3-Reality Dependent

Oh fuck I miss you,

Like some veins miss a needle. 

Like I miss your pain.  

Thoughts From Last Night- Momentum 

Sharpening brushes, 

Makes this night’s wait feel so young. 

Tomorrow life changes. 

Naked Without Sanctuary 

You were my safety 

Everyone else is dangerous  

I accept this fact 

Week Two-Apocalyptic Tea Talk

World made of jello,

Is all too complicated.  

I think I’ll just have tea. 

Week 1- Acquiescence  

So much unanswered.

Lovers shouldn’t be villains. 

I was on your side. 

Queen of the Goths 

Tamora, my queen. 

I never wanted your throne. 

Just one of your men. 

Curative Tongue

What’s this I have here?

Prose drenched in stimulation?

Speak on, Sonnetist! 

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