Hide and see me

Invisible man,

Just like any other man 

Only never there. 

Stellar Nursery 

Peer into our soul,

The universe reside there! 

We’re made of stardust. 

Still in the Attic of my Mind…

I kiss his cold lips 

And feed him my salty tears. 

Dead Boy does love me. 

In the Attic of my Mind

Say boy, are you dead? 

Lips of blue and fingers cold. 

I will lie with you. 

A Heightened Haiku

A piece of paper, 

Unrestrained, unprotected. 

This world is unsafe. 


Lord, what world is this?

When tears wash the bloodstained ground,

We all leave wounded. 

Orion’s Belt

I see you each night,

But only a memory.  

A ghost of a star. 

Haikus and (Un)buried Hatchets

So many choices.

One sentence keeps me from you.

Keep pushin’ that dirt.

Hibernating Haiku

In love we will sleep,

Like a pond under winter. 

Waiting for its thaw.