Not a Haiku… Just Some Words 

 I can’t see your face anymore.

Just your eyes.

They always looked right through me…Through everyone.


Remind me of things,

Things that have been forgotten.

Things that need an end. 

Wash Over me

On this night of rain, 

The smell of my solace, 

Washes me away. 

Being Gia (the Saga Continues)!

Source: Being Gia (the Saga Continues)!

Haiku of the Lyrical One-Liners 

“One for my baby”

“Gonna be a lovely day”

“My name is Luka”

Little Dolls and Graditude


I thought you should know.
I love you so very much,
Creepy Little Doll.

Admissions (Commencer)

You were like a dream. 

I found a beautiful soul

Always out of reach. 

Admissions (Continue)

I gave you my heart

You were careless with it

I have love to give 

Admissions (fin)

My heart grows weary 

I’ll bite my tongue till it bleeds 

And make silence mine.