Psalm 72:6

“God is in the rain?”

With heavy heart I succumb. 

Wash away my pain. 

Second Star on the Right…

Go back to Neverland?

Do you think I don’t want to?

I’m just not allowed. 

Home is…

Is where the heart is? 

Is greater than its own space? 

Is where you should be. 

The Thirteenth Hour 

Lost inside a mind 

Full of labyrinths and mazes.  

How I miss you so. 

Fiction and the Face

Most shamefully walks

The one who in darkness lies….

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies…

“As You Wish”

Pride is like poison. 

What does it take to melt fear?

Can love conquer all? 

Turning, Turning…

It smells of the past.  

As we turn inward, recall,

The book is open. 

Cautious Composition 

The time for prudence.  

The shells on the floor are sharp. 

And my heart is raw. 

Haiku of Fear and Blood


The things they teach you:
Don’t cross the low-water bridge.
Live the illusion.