With Love and Good-bygones


Clearing the conscious,
In the car at 3:00 am.
Bygones done be gone.

50 Shades toward Christian-Based Sadomasochism

Another necessary article by Dr. Miguel De La Torre.

Our Lucha

Much ado has befifty Shadesen made about the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey, a disappointing screen adaptation of E. L. James’s poorly written bestseller. And yet, the film’s opening weekend box office take was $81.7 million! The allure of titillating forbidden desire sells. By now we are all familiar with Christian Grey, the young, good-looking kinky billionaire bachelor who seduces the innocent Anastasia Steele to participate in sadomasochism (S&M). Although the film could have proven to be groundbreaking, exploring enriching ways to express our sexuality; the film instead seems to have reinforced traditional gender roles with a certain glorification of the sexual abuse of women.

That said – I am left wondering if an S&M ethics that celebrates our sexuality can be constructed. The problem in pursuing this loathly goal is overcoming 2000 years of sexual baggage based on a Christianity that has gotten sex wrong. Rather than celebrating human…

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Haiku and Nightmares

Tell me, Adonai,
When I close my eyes tonight
Will there be demons?

Haiku From the Pulpit

Words and actions meet,
Where integrity is strong.
Practice what you preach

Hypothetical <3 Haiku

It is intriguing
All the people I could love.
The few that I will.

Haiku of Distractions

All busy and noise
Keeps out the murmur below,
“Oh sweet God, help me!”