A Little Wine With Your Whine?

Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine!
Wine wine wine wine… wine wine wine!
And now I feel finnnnnnnneeee!

The Fall of (Wo)Man

What are you, Weak One?
You whose insides drip out of you like shame.
Whose worth is not marked by quality of character, but by the amount of produce seeded in your belly.
Does your existence only matter when there is fruit within your womb?
What are you?
Are you more than just a mere rib set aside to provide companionship?
To provide comfort?
Can you stand mightier than kings?
Divinely as gods?
You whose frame and feature is compared so often to that of a delicate flower.

What are you, Empty Strength?
You whose so numb, you couldn’t tell a winter wind from a knife in the back.
You who pleads in silence for a safe place to cry.
But instead follows the fold in a parade of rage.
What are you?
Are you more than just a pile of dust molded into a play thing for a fickle father?
A forever-child searching always for his abandoning mother?
You whose pride is more valuable than the opportunity to connect.
The opportunity to be human.

What are you?…
What are we?

Unconditional Haiku

Hate me if you will,
But I did this out of love.
Love will conquer all.

He Says, “You’re one of a Kind”


There’s just one of me,
Of course I’m one of a kind
And that is bad-ass.


When the lies come first,
Spun in a web of chaos
Any truth becomes lie.


Moving Beyond ‘I Feel So Helpless’

Last night, a few hundred of us marched to the steps of the Colorado state capitol. There we stood in solidarity to bring peace, justice and equality to Ferguson, Michael Brown, people of color… Hell, all people!!
We could not have done this without Kenny Wiley, who brought us together in body and with his moving words.
Thanks, Kenny!

A Full Day

Mike Brown, Ferguson and Injustice

Moments away from addressing the crowd of two hundred, I panicked. Who could I draw upon for inspiration? My mind turned briefly to MLK–which made me feel even worse. Wow, Kenny, I thought to myself. You tweet a few times, co-organize a couple vigils and rallies and now you’re Dr. King. Real humble there, buddy.

Okay, so that wouldn’t work. I went over names and faces in my head. Fannie Lou Hamer. John Lewis. Ella Baker. Bayard Rustin. Dorothy Day.

Names flew by faster and faster. Two hundred-ish of my fellow Denver residents had joined together to honor Mike Brown and other victims of police violence, and to rally for justice and racial equality. I had volunteered to co-organize and to emcee the vigil itself.

Why had I done that again?

I’m just some guy who works at a Unitarian Universalist church. I’m not an ordained…

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A Fool’s Haiku

The Fool on the hill?
There is no fool to be found…
She never was there.

City Incantation

From my windowsill,
I wish on streetlights like stars,
As the cars go by.

Fernet-Induced Haiku

Oh, how I love you
The Smiths say, “The Queen is Dead.”
Friends keep me alive.

To do… Haiku.

List of things to do:
Remind you that I love you
Keep on keepin’ on.

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