Never War

Never War

I tell you!
It is everywhere.
In every cell in body
Down to the blood drenched soil, I stand upon.

Yet, there are no dead?
They are all here
All alive…
Well, alive in body, anyway.
And their race will go on.

But I stand here, still.
With iron-clad heart.
With flags waving,
And weapons drawn,
Waiting to fight.
Fight what?
Fight who?
A Never War.
With never One.

I wish to breath the air outside these aged defenses.
For I grow weary of this empty siege,
This stifling armor,
And this cumbersome sword.

As I drop this metal soul to my feet,
I find I stand on dry, bloodless ground.
Standing right in the spot of a Never War.
That never was.

In that case,
It is time to go Home.


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