Elopement From Eden

Elopement From Eden

I have no convictions to the trials I have created.
From the same well we have sprung.
From the same addiction we were bred.

We were as the Children of Eden,
Craving to be nourished from that which enlightens.
Needing only to open our eyes to become illuminated.
Fearing our own cull to take deaf ears on misleading words of concern, created by fatuous oligarchs.
We risked our ostracism… Our abandonment… Our non existence.

But these imaginary commandments, kept us in self flagellation.
Fearing damnation, we surrendered our desire to Know.
And in time, the oppressive regimes we venture to defeat,
Were nothing more than reflections from disfigured mirrors.
Each face appearing different, but the demon was always the same.

I take no pity on your personal trials.
For I have faced this jury, as well and walked this prison’s row.
I risked knowing the unknown and embraced my banishment,
And I can no longer close my eyes.
Once open, we can no longer go back to the ignorant darkness,
subscribing to regulated words drenched in deceit.

But fret not, Friend.
You have not been left in this drudgery alone.
For I am always close.
Just on the other side of Eden’s Walls
Hoping for the day you realize this blindness is self inflicted,
And all you need do is blink… And you will see me.


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