A Wooden Horse into a Cardboard Sunset

A Wooden Horse into a Card Board Sunset

Old habits die hard;
Like never wanting to grow up,
Or still hoping to be “We.”

We just kept pretending,
Cause that wooden horse wasn’t going no where,
But we kept on riding,
Right into an imaginary sunset.

But Girl, you gonna learn someday;
Butch Cassidy might have gotten him some wings,
And the Sun Dance Kid might be roping on a celestial range,
But cowboys don’t call no place home.

Gotta learn to hang your own hat.
Hang it right on that empty hook.
You know… The one you had on reserve,

Cause old habit die hard;
Like never wanting to grow up
Or still hoping to be “We.”

(Photo: This is what happens when I am given free use of children’s toys and a camera)!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elijah
    Jul 20, 2013 @ 08:30:51

    יורד מהסוס הוא לא החלק הקשה. היא נשארת כבויה ולא חסרה מהנסיעה.

    אם אתה יכול היית לרכב אותו שוב?


    • giovannaleah
      Jul 20, 2013 @ 10:15:15

      Forgive me for responding in English, as Hebrew is on the rusty-side of my three languages:
      I believe you asked if I would “ride” again?
      I think that depends… I believe (personally) in living in total truth with myself and others, with that said, if the “horse” was truly living and progressing forward and the journey paved in truth, I would absolutely take that trek! And with an open and free heart!

      But if the “horse” continued to be fake and the journey continued to be laden with false hope, then rider would be nothing more than a Joker, who’s own lies and illusions have turned in on him.

      Thank you for reading and responding! (BTW, I love your name)

      In faith and love,


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