During the silence you will remember:
There once was a voice
Once was a plan and an action

Shh… Hold on… Here comes the panic:

How can you see yourself through all the masks you are wearing?
How do you remember past the facade?
How can you love?
Do you love?
You’re standing in the puddle where your heart keeps bleeding
Bleeding and bleeding…out.

No one’s coming in to fish you out
You have to swim
Swim through the bleeding and the panic
Out of the pit that you dug
Off of the cross that you nailed yourself to
And you have to stand alone
Because we all do
And in the end we all will

During the silence you will remember… There once was a voice…
Shhh…can you hear it?


I Have Known…

I Have Know...

I have known true love.
Love unconditional
Love without boundary
Love without expectation
And be it near or be it far
Be it felt by touch or felt by heart
It resides in me for life.
No person can deny me this love
And that love covers and protects its token of affection
Till the end of our days.
What comfort in that, I have taken:
I have known true love!


Questions at Midnight

Questions at Midnight

Quote for a sleepless Midnight:

“Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.”-R.H.S

Question for a sleepless Midnight:

What are we waiting for?  And while we are doing all of this waiting….What is waiting for us?