A Different Approach to the Unapproachable

A Different Approach to the Unapproachable

Quote of the week: “As a doctor he is not required to have a finished outlook on life, and his professional conscience does not demand it of him. But what will he do when he sees only too clearly why his patient is ill; when he sees that he has no love, but only sexuality; no faith, because he is afraid to grope in the dark; no hope, because he is disillusioned by the world and by life; and no understanding, because he has failed to read the meaning of his own existence?”

Question of the week: “They” say when seeking validation, one must fill the void in the pit of your stomach with validation from “oneself.” But what if it is not a hole or a pit, at all, but more like a weed that has planted itself there and thrives on unhealthy validation? What if, what is necessary is to pluck this poisonous weed, in order to make room to plant the seeds of self-validation in it’s place?
How do we weed our weeds?


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