Rant of Light! The Art of Procrastination vs The Fear of Stagnant

“We all float down here.”

This is ROL post #1.  So, it has a 65% chance of “Suck” already going in, but I promised myself, this year, I would finish what I start… Or just start something… at all.  This seemed to be a common theme in my life.  Maybe it was a fear of commitment, but I think I had perfected the art of committing to non-commitment.  I believe the experts would call that procrastination, and I think procrastination is fear.  It’s a genius’s stupidest moment, a perfectionist’s worst fuck-up, it is the thing that keeps us unable to move, when we should be running like hell, from that clown that just appeared in the sewer drain.  Fear.

Fear of failure, of success, or of our own ideas can keep us from creating the dreams we have been dreaming.  Fear that someone or something may punish us if we live our happiness, but we don’t know for sure that our worst fears will come true, if we never jump into that “pool of risk.” All we know is that we have spun ourselves a safe little cocoon, made of “fear thread,” that keeps us comfortable, safe, and…Stagnant.  For me, being stagnant is not living and not living, while I am alive, is my worst fear.  Yes, even more then the clown in the sewer.

But I offer a solution to the non-living (I mean the stuck and stagnant, not the undead or zombies)…. Get started!  Finish what you began! And if it sucks, well do it again, and it will suck less, next time.  And then all of a sudden, when you aren’t expecting it,  you will look at your once-suck-filled-work-in-progress and you will see a finished homemade living, functioning idea of your very own that has 100% No Suck! And that’s a Guarantee!

Love life and live your practice,

❤ Gia!